Buchele GmbH offers fireproof sound insulated doors and wall flaps up to 60 dB


With the PLANELine and STB POWERLine  product series  Buchele offers single-leaf and double-leaf fireproof sound insulated doors as well as wall flaps, which meet highest standards in  the areas of fire protection, smoke protection and sound insulation: The PLANELine series features doors and wall flaps tested in accordance with DIN EN 1634-1 and 1634-3 with a sound insulation value from 28 dB up to 54 dB. Beyond that the sound insulation door series STB POWERLine reaches with similar fire and smoke protection properties sound insulation values from 50 dB up to 60 dB.  All doors were tested in an  installed and fully functional status by an authorized institute in accordance with DIN EN 10140-2. The test was performed without bottom threshold: fire, smoke protection and sound insulation  are guaranteed at the same time all sound insulation doors from 28 dB to 60 dB are barrier-free.

Up to 46 dB sound insulation value the doors are equipped with a duplex floor seal,  starting from 51 dB  sound insulation value  they are equipped with a patented duplex tow seal system with quick-change system: A defective tow seal may be exchanged by one person without deinstalling the door leaf.


Combined with further safety features

As one of the leading manufacturers of custom made doors Buchele allows the combination of fireproof and smokeproof sound insulation doors with various DIN-approved safety and protection features:

  • Burglary protection RC2 to RC5 according to DIN EN 1627
  • Bullet resistance  FB2 to FB6 NS according to DIN EN 1522
  • Airtightness up to class 4 according to DIN EN 1026
  • Driving rain up to class 6A according to DIN EN 1027
  • Resistance against wind loads up to class C5 according to DIN EN 12211
  • Pressure shock resistant up to 20 kPA according to DIN EN 13124-1
  • Explosion protection up to zone 1/21 according to DIN EN 1127-1 or ATEX 94/9/EG


Sturdy and without compromise

The fireproof STB POWERLine series is extremely sound insulating even at lower frequencies  and is, therefore, suitable for applications in sensitive areas such as test benches of the automotive or aviation industry.  The doors are equipped with a solid drum toggle latch lock with sturdy lock drum, spring-loaded lock latch and automatic incorrect operation system (malfunction lock). The lock is also available with integrated panic function.

The lock is operated by a pair of levers which are supplied in a classic, ergonomic or rounded shape. They are mounted on angular long plates with self-lubricating swivel sockets and visibly screwed to the door leaf.


Also for optically appealing areas

Due to the elaborate door construction and as Deluxe-Option individually  customised surfaces Buchele doors are outstandingly suitable for sensitive security areas as well as optically appealing areas.  Furthermore, the Premium and Superior type doors are charaterized by a flush installation.