BUCHELE is a specialist for steel doors that meet highest requirements. As a full range supplier the expert offer a solution for all requirements for a simple standard door to a turnkey test stand. All doors and gates are designed and manufactured in two owned plants in Germany. This ensures a high quality standard – for the benefit of our customers.


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Turnkey test stand construction

BUCHELE does not only manufacture doors and gates for test stands but also equips complete rooms with absorber elements. In collaboration with a renowned research institute BUCHELE developed innovative and space saving broadband absorber elements which reach a high absorption efficiency with a building depth of only 250 res. 350 mm and allow anechoic rooms in precision class 1. Even for door leaves covered with traditional asymmetrically textured absorbers (ASA) that can, therefore, usually only be opened to a 90 ° angle BUCHELE developed a solution. A special door mechanism that allows a 180 ° opening despite the absorber elements


Special doors

Beside the main areas fire protection, sound insulation and property protection BUCHELE offers innovative solutions for individual demands. The wide range of special doors covers among others:


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Double-walled steel folding doors and XXL sliding doors are used where large opening in exterior or interior areas have to closed.

Automatic gates

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The automatic safety doors and gates by BUCHELE can be installed inside a building to separate various safety areas or fields of activity as well as in exterior areas or as an entrance gate. Naturally the door and gate systems are multifunctional and can be equipped with burglary protection, fire protection, sound insulation and explosion protection. Depending on customer‘s requirements, execution and intended application BUCHELE uses electric or hydraulic motor and locking systems. Individual control units and protection systems leave nothing to be desired in regards of operation comfort and security.



Multifunctional and standard doors

Doors made by Buchele with tested and certified function in the area of fire protection, sound insulation and property protection are used in a variety of applications. In our references we list industrial buildings, public buildings, high-security buildings, tunnel and power plants but you also find them in private buildings. In the wide range portfolio you will also find standard doors for areas without any special requirements.