Buchele GmbH implements doors and gates with exceptional safety features


Door and gateways are in a lot of cases the weak spots in areas which should be particularly protected. For a property in Beijing, whose owner has highest demands regarding safety, Buchele developed a sophisticated door concept which even resists explosions and in addition to a monitoring system also features several emergency mechanisms.  


A project for exceptional protection requirements

In the center of historical Beijing right next to Lake Houhai and close to the Forbidden City you can find a building that is guarded by fierce dogs and security guards around the clock. The property is completely surrounded by a 4 meter high concrete wall. The Buchele company located in Ebersbach,  an expert for particularly challenging door and gate projects was entrusted with the task to develop electrically operated  single- and double-wing sliding doors for the entrance and exit to the property as well as for the underground garage and, furthermore, install single wing doors in the concrete wall as emergency exits.   „The characteristics of the doors and gates had to meet the owners exceptional safety requirements“, says Jürgen Buchele, managing director of the  Buchele enterprise. „That is why the burglarproof doors for the emergency exits were installed so that they cannot be detected from the outside.“


Door construction with various safety features

For the sliding doors that protect the entrance and exit to the property as well as the entrance to the underground garage the expert located in Ebersbach developed special solutions, that transform the usual weak spots  to unsurmountable obstacles. The 300 mm thick steel doors are burglarproof, bulletproof, fireproof and also explosion-proof. The doors are covered with steel plates on both sides. By means of a special device the steel plates on the interior side may be swivelled to the side so that  the internal motors that open and close the doors can easily be accessed for any necessary maintenance work.   The motors run synchronously and, therefore, guarantee a safe operation at all times, even if one of the motors fails. In order to guarantee full functionality at all times an emergency power diesel aggregate is installed at the Beijing location. Should this aggregate also fail the doors may be opened by a manual emergency release device.    

In the doors itself  further motors are installed for the locking system. These motors ensure that the blade made of massive special steel lowers when the door is closed and so seals off the space between the lower edge of the door and the finished floor.


Maximum safety and monitoring measures

The doors may be opened and closed electrically from an office or gatehouse on the premises as well as app-controlled with a smart phone from arriving vehicles.   The door control units itself are  high-quality Siemens SPS control units which were installed outside the doors in a central control room with monitors and touch panels. So the operation personnel is always informed about the door status. In order to overview the entire opening and closing area of the doors an optical monitoring system was installed.

To be able to test all features of the door facility the doors were completely set up, put in operation and approved by the customer at the Buchele location in Ebersbach. In Beijing partner companies took over the final installation under the supervision of Buchele experts.


Design aspects are not neglected

To meet the aesthetic demand of the owner  the entrance and exit doors should be of a deliberate simple  design and combine harmoniously with the concrete wall and the historic surrounding. So the doors were painted in a special grey shade on site  and a tround plate with Chinese characters was placed in the center of the exterior side.

Further projects with similar features were implemented with the same customer at additional locations in Beijing and Hong Kong.