Individually planned multi-purpose doors and gates

Individually planned multi-purpose doors and gates

For special use and strict requirements

Our doors and gates are proven in unusual and highly sensitive areas.

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Flood Protection

Natural forces such as storm and floods become more and more extreme. The flood protection doors and windows by BUCHELE are designed for this purpose. Underground garages, appartment buildings, industrial buildings: the use is versatile.

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Resistant to pressure and explosion

When storing hazardous substances there are strict requirements on safety. There, particular attention is paid to the personnel that are within the danger zone. BUCHELE-doors on one hand reduce the risk of an explosion on the other hand the doors withstand a pressure load in an emergency situation.

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Radiation protection

Radiation protection doors are used were people or animals have to be protected against x-ray, gamma or electron radiation. Therefore, those doors mainly find their application in medical and research areas. BUCHELE-radiation protection doors are designed and manufactured in accordance with DIN 6834. As performance characteristics the lead equivalent value is expressed in mm.

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Increasing electromagnetic emissions require the use of shielding measures for instance against lightning discharge (LEMP), interaction of devices (EMC) or disturbances and health impairment due to electrosmog caused by radar, transmission masts and power supply lines. For this reason BUCHELE shielding doors are certified in accordance with IEEE 299 and work in a frequency range between 10 kHz and 10 GHz. This is achieved due to a patented HF-sealing system in connection with a barrier-free hump threshold. The BUCHELE-shielding doors may also be combined with other features such as fire protection, sound protection and property protection.

2000px ISO 7010 W012.svgTransformer Doors

BUCHELE transformer station doors are manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 62271-202 (VDE 0671-202). As a basic equipment we provide a grounding connection between door leaf and frame as well as a separate connection for the frame to the grounding cycle on site. The BUCHELE door stopper stops the door automatically at a 90 ° angle. The installation of pickproof ventilation grilles is done individually in size and shape according to customer’s demands. Each grille is secured with an internal bird screen 10x10 mm.

For these areas of application, we manufacture custom doors and gates:

  • Reinraumtüren
  • EMC shielded doors and gates
  • Radiation protection doors and radiation protection gates
  • Flood protection
  • Airtight doors and gates
  • XXL-Gates
  • Electrically opening and closing XXL gates
  • XXL-sound-insolation-gates
  • Bullet proof doors and gates
  • Transformer station doors
  • Explosion protection and blast resistant doors
  • Street and railway tunnels

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