Custom build test stands

BUCHELE not only produces doors and gates for test stands but also delivers the absorber elements for complete chambers. Conventionally test chambers are equipped with absorber assembly cassettes or asymmetrically textured absorbers (ASA).  As innovative and as a space saving alternative the broadband compact absorber(BKA) was developed together with a renowned research institute.  

This resonance absorber reaches a high absorption efficiency with a size of 250 res. 350 mm and allows for anechoic chambers with precision grade 1.

Additionally the absorbers may be equipped with a composite-panels-resonator (VPR). In a series of prestigious projects worldwide it could already prove successfully its high acoustic quality.  The sound absorber smoothens the room resonance, eliminates the pounding and optimizes communication. Therefore, the composite panel resonator improves the room acoustics e.g. in audio rooms, recording studios, office cabins and music rooms.




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