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Peking Presse VorschauPRESS RELEASE: Doors for the highest level of security

For a property in Beijing, whose owner has highest demands regarding safety, Buchele developed a sophisticated door concept.
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Neumayer Station SliderPRESS RELEASE: Custom made doors for the Antarctica

For the Neumayer-Station III in the Antarctica the Buchele GmbH mplemented a remarkable poject: The expert for special doors and gates that also meet highest requirements even in inhostible areas designed and installed two custom made steel constructions with integrated seal heating and hydraulic drives.
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Schallschutztuere Planeline 602 54dB Vollpanik

PRESS RELEASE: Fire protection and sound insulation without compromises

With the PLANELine and STB POWERLine  product series  Buchele offers single-leaf and double-leaf fireproof sound insulated doors as well as wall flaps, which meet highest standards in  the areas of fire protection, smoke protection and sound insulation.
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BAU2019 PresseseitePRESS RELEASE: BUCHELE Türen + Tore at the worlds leading fair BAU 2019 in Munich

With a sophisticated design line and interesting  innovations BUCHELE Türen + Tore presents itself at the worlds leading trade fair BAU 2019 in Munich under the slogan „UNIQUE“.
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WEB BUCHELE Studiotür Berlin Adlershof Motiv 2z TINOVERSUM SATACOUSTIC DOOR for "The Voice of Germany"

The performers of the TV-Castingshow "The Voice of Germany" all went through the acoustic door from BUCHELE.
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BUCHELE MESSE BAU 2017 Neu Surface Deluxe und Rolltore 9744SURFACE DELUXE: Refinded surface of Multi-Purpose Doors

Beautiful doors with different functions: BUCHELE presents new possibilities of surface design. Functions such as sound insulation, fire protection and safety aspects are retained.
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BUCHELE Thema RC5 RC5IMG 9751Zweiflügele RC5-Objektschutztüre zertifiziert

Noch mehr Sicherheit und neu auf dem Markt: Die zweiflügelige Objektschutztüre mit RC5-Standard in der Plane-Line-Serie.
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BUCHELE MESSE BAU 2017 Multifunktionstore und Rolltore 9764New: Roll Doors with Sound Isolation

BUCHELE unterstreicht sein Know-how im Schallschutz- und Akustikbereich mit Rolltoren bis zu 37dB Schallschutz.
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BUCHELE Multifunktionstr PLANE Line 9722Multi-Purpose Doors made by a specialist

PLANE Line-Series: Doors are real multi-purpose talents. Fire protection. Sound insulation. Pressure and explosion resistant. And much more.
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