Elegance and perfect design meets functionality

With a sophisticated design line and interesting  innovations BUCHELE Türen + Tore presents itself at the worlds leading trade fair BAU 2019 in Munich under the slogan „UNIQUE“.

Ebersbach/Munich. „Unique“ is the slogan of BUCHELE Türen + Tore at the worlds leading fair BAU 2019 in Munich. The design line BUCHELE DELUXE combines the uniqueness of the steel doors, which are true all-rounders. Fire protection and sound insulation as well as various safety characteristics are standard features and may be combined. – also with special requirements such as flood protection, radiation protection, high frequency shielding and many more. At BUCHELE DELUXE elegance and perfect design meet functionality, which are tested and certified.  „These functional doors may be  refined with an individual finish“,managing director Jürgen Buchele explains. Besides the usual painting in RAL colours there are also special colours and very unique designs available. And: very uniqe surfaces, such as concrete, wood  in its wide variety, copper look, stainless steel  aqnd many more design types are possible.  „At the fair we only display a small selection of the wide range of possibilities“, Buchele announces. „With  BUCHELE DELUXE you can create sophisticated architectural highlights and let doors vanish in facades of buildings or set special visual accents“,  Jürgen Buchele explains the possibilities. Sound insulation up to 60 dB, fire protection up to T90, bullet resistant  (FB7) or be protected agains burglary – up to RC5. These features may be combined  depite the unique surface finish. Without compromises. The doors by BUCHELE are tested in accordance with the latest requirements  – only to name a few  in accordance with  DIN EN 1634, DIN EN 1627 and DIN EN 1522 as well as DIN EN ISO 10140-2 .

Technical milestones
Customers demands increase – and apart from the visualoptionss also the technical possibilities.  „We will intoduce a whole range of innovations“,  says Jürgen Buchele . Some of it you may only discover at second glance: The  „Study duplex tow sealing system with rapid exchange system “,  for instance, especially developed for the different door models. This is sound insulation with a new lock generation up to 60 DB. Or even -  also displayed at the fair – which is equipped with a complete anti-backsplash protection on the inside.  

NEW: BUCHELE DELUXE GLASS: Glass doors with functions
Since 1910 BUCHELE produces steel doors  and is a renowned  manufaturer for worldwide projects.  For the first time the Swabian company with a long tradition expands its portfolio.  „BUCHELE DELUXE GLASS“ is the first series of sophisticated glass doors with various functions. A sound insulation value of RW,p 47 dB and a very good thermal insulation value make these doors the ideal solution for a wide range of applications.  In interior and exterior areas. Here also applies:  Doors with functions. Because apart from sound insulation values fire and smoke protection, bullet resistance, the installation of safety lock systems as well as the execution as air- and gastight elements are available. „BUCHELE its a large world“, says managing director Jürgen Buchele. For one it is the various door versions – all of them individually designed and custom made at BUCHELE according to customers requirements . The other thing ist he customers come from around the world and the count on doors  „Made in Germany“ .    


About BUCHELE doors + gates

Die BUCHELE GmbH located om the Swabian city of  Ebersbach/Fils is known as one of the leading manufacturers of multi-functional  steel doors and  XXL-doors with various features. The company has about 100 employees  and is known as an innovative manufacturer of doors and gates.





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