In the range of acoustic and sound insulation Buchele is a renowned expert – and supplies innovative products that feature a high level of workmanship and may easily be combined with features like fire protection or property protection.  The sound insulation portfolio ranges from sound insulation doors over various sound insulation gates – even in special XXL dimensions- up to sound insulation windows. You can find sound insulation products by BUCHELE e. g. in concert halls, theaters, test stands, TV or recording studios – the possibilities are endless. Take the chance and use it for your project.

By the way: BUCHELE supplies the complete acoustic interior construction of test stands.


Sound insulation doors by BUCHELE

Visually appealing and multifunctional: That is the PLANE-Line-Series by BUCHELE. The single-wing and double-wing sound insulation doors achieve sound insulation values of 38DB to 54 DB. An appealing look if required is no problem, even for the fittings. As all PLANE-Line sound insulation doors were tested with 9 mm lock followers for sound insulation doors with cylinder locks any customary fitting can be installed, this guarantees uniform appearance of the fittings. For all three designs »BASIC, PREMIUM und SUPERIOR the exact same test results are achieved.

The multifunctional PLANE Line-doors may be equipped with all customary panic systems – so there will be no problems with the requirements of EN 179 and EN 1125. As a result of the retractable bottom seals res. hump sill in connection with drag seals there are no tripping hazards in escape directions.


02 Schallschutz 1Sound insulation gates by BUCHELE

STB POWER-Line and STB LIGHT-Line are the efficient sound insulation door series by BUCHELE. With sound insulation values of up to 60 dB STB POWER-Line is a particular accurate description for this door series, that provides what it promises: All sound insulation values mentioned by BUCHELE were achieved in completely installed and fully functional condition at a test laboratory.  The sound insulation values of the STB POWER Line also speak for itself at lower frequencies.  At values as low as 125 Hz it shows its full strength.

The STB LIGHT Line sound insulation door series is very effective in exterior areas – with dimensions starting at 3000 mm x 3000 mm.  Especially for this application the required tests for exterior doors according to DIN EN 13241-1 were successfully executed. Everywhere were disturbing noises should not be heard outside this series is the right choice. This series with a sound insulation value of up to 47dB ends where the mighty STB POWER Line sound insulation door series starts at a sound insulation value of 51dB.


Sound insulation sliding gates, -lift gates, -folding gates and -roller shutters

02 Schallschutz 3

Sound insulation sliding gates, sound insulation lift gates, sound insulation folding gates and sound insulation roller shutters are used where lack of space prevents the installation of swing gates. The gates achieve their high sound insulation value without disturbing sill profile in the passage area and, therefore, provide a barrier-free solution. An optional escape door is possible for sliding gates, lift gates and folding gates and in addition allows an application in escape or rescue routes.  Depending on the type of gate the approved duplex glazing developed by BUCHELE may be used.

For the particular purposes various electrical, pneumatical or hydraulic drive systems are available. For these drive systems BUCHELE offers individual control units, which leave nothing to be desired in regards of convenient operation.

Especially designed for use in exterior areas the SFT sound insulation folding gates are available they offer various combinable properties.

The folding doors are tested in accordance with:
• DIN EN 12427 on air permeability classified in class 4
• DIN EN 12489 on driving rain impermeability classified in class 3
• DIN EN 12444 on wind proofness classified in class 4


BUCHELE DELUXE Zeichenfläche 1 Colour and surface in customized design: BUCHELE DELUXE

The doors of the PLANE Line-series are available in various surfaces: starting with painting in specific colours to precious coatings and designs. That’s what we call »BUCHELE DELUXE.

And for all customers that would like an appealing design and “view“ BUCHELE also offers next to the standard or duplex glazing with steel glass retainer strip a flush mounted special glazing. This special glazing is flush mounted on hinge side and opposite hinge side.

BUCHELE DELUXE notausgang Zeichenfläche 1 Kopie 8Application in escape routes and rescue routes possible

It is possible without any problems to install the PLANE Line Sound insulation doors in escape or rescue routes in connection with DIN EN 179 or 1125, because all door types may be equipped with all customary available panic systems. Thanks to the retractable seals, res. the hump sill in connection with drag seals there are no tripping hazards in escape routes.



Sound insulation windows

Whether as a studio and management window for TV and radio stations, as industrial test stands or as exterior window in power plants. BUCHELE always has the perfect solution to combine high sound insulation with an appealing look. The SFB sound insulation windows are manufactured as box type windows. On request and requirements of the customer on sound insulation as single- res. double acoustically separated closed frames. Also available as flush fitting glazing for highest demands. The basic structure consists of two separated panes with a chamber sound proofing in the form of perforated plates inserted between them.  In order to guarantee a clear view without reflection the panes may be installed in V-shape or A-shape depending on customers desire.  The installation of anti-reflective glazing is also possible. Depending on the intended purpose and of course on customers request various types of glazing can be used – even fire protection glass.  



Turnkey test stands

BUCHELE offers turnkey construction of test stands. The company not only manufactures doors and gates for test stands but also furnishes complete stands with absorber elements. Normally tests stand rooms are equipped with cassette absorbers or asymmetrical structured absorbers. As an innovative and space-saving alternative the broadband compact absorber (BKA) was developed together with a renowned research institute. This resonance absorber achieves with an installation depth of only 250 res. 350 mm a high absorption efficiency and enables reverberation chambers in precision grade 1. In addition the absorbers may be equipped with a composite panel resonator (VPR. This resonator has successfully proven its high acoustic quality worldwide in a series of prestigious projects. The sound absorber smoothens the room resonances, eliminates the humming and improves communication. It, therefore, improves the room acoustics e. g. in audio rooms, recording studios, office cabins and music rooms.