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One thing is for sure doors and gates by BUCHELE are safe. Manufactured under highest quality standards they meet their promise – and this is tested and certified. The door types are available in various protection classes ranging from RC2 to RC6 and FB4 to FB7 and may furthermore be combined with additional properties such as fire protection and sound insulation. Depending on the application purposes the property protection doors by BUCHELE are individually designed and constructed – if required also according to customers requested design - thanks to the innovative BUCHELE DELUXE-line.

Basically all safety doors manufactured by BUCHELE are tested and certified for installation in escape routes. These also applies for doors with glazing including and up to resistance class RC4.

Property protection doors and safety doors up to RC6 and FB7

The safety doors by BUCHELE are tested in accordance with DIN EN 1627 – and offer depending on the type burglary protection in resistance class RC2 to RC6 and bullet resistance up to FB7. 01 property protection 2. These

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classifications were verified in test stands of authorized institutes on door elements in fully installed function. Additional features like glazing and ventilation grilles in the door leaves were also tested. The single wing and double wing property protection doors of the PLANE Line-series are available up to classification RC5 and FB6. Here the safety doors of classification RC2 to RC4 can be equipped with all suitable locking systems. As every door is individually manufactured to meet customer’s requirements the installation of access systems or monitoring systems to BUCHELE safety doors is no problem.

The special security prison cell door SEC/ZT-1 meets on top of that all requirements of protection class RC6. It is perfectly suited for installation in police stations or similar institutions: An extremely sturdy door leaf (80 mm thick) as well as 2.0 mm metal sheet provide excellent features even sound insulation. In an emergency the door may be opened quickly even under counter-pressure by individuals. The optional food flaps, a wide-angle spy-hole (both features are flush on cell side) a quick locking system as well as a functional skylight made of shatterproof safety glazing for illumination and cameras are practical features that t work.


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Property protection doors up to RC5

Safety is also available in large dimensions – with the gates by BUCHELE. The sliding doors and folding doors provide high protection classes and may also be used in a critical environment. The 3 to 8 wing property protection sliding doors are available in resistance class RC4, the property protection sliding doors are available in resistance class RC2 to RC5.

By the way: It is no longer just public bodies that rely on safety quality. An increasing number of private individuals chose the safe way. You and your customers too?


Ventilation grilles and steel grids

Ventilation grilles and steel grids by BUCHELE find their application where burglary protection and bullet resistance are required. The burglary resistant ventilation grilles are available up to RC5. The burglary resistant steel grids up to RC4. Bullet resistance for ventilation grilles is possible up to FB4.


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Electronic access systems and monitoring systems

The installation of electronic access and monitoring systems is not a problem with BUCHELE safety doors, because each door is manufactured individually on customer’s demands.

BUCHELE DELUXE Zeichenfläche 1 Unique surfaces: BUCHELE DELUXE

The PLANE Line-doors can be executed in individual surfaces: Painted in RAL colours, in stainless steel 1.4301 (V2A) und 1.4404 res. 1.4571 (V4A). Or even in special refined coatings. Naturally, the safety features remain unchanged. That is what we call »BUCHELE DELUXE.


zertifikat Zeichenfläche 1 Kopie 3Tested and certified quality

All doors were tested fully installed and functionable in test stands at an authorized institutes. That means that the doors were installed as complete element ready to be opened and closed at any time.

BUCHELE does not only test the stripped element but the complete door with glazing and ventilation grilles (tested according to DIN EN 1627) in the door leaf, with various lock combinations, as well as the installation of all possible components. We want everything tested even any possible vulnerable spots, we attach great importance to this.


Application in escape and emergency routes possible

Basically all safety doors by BUCHELE are tested and approved to be installed in escape.

This also applies for doors with glazing up to resistance class RC4. The safety doors of class RC2 to RC4 may be equipped with all customary approved locking systems. Even the installation of electronic access control systems is no problem with BUCHELE safety doors, because every door is manufactured individually on customer’s demands. 

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