UNIQUE: The Design Line BUCHELE DELUXE Makes Doors and Gates One of a Kind

Elegance and an appealing design meet certified and tested function - this is BUCHELE DELUXE. Doors with fire protection, sound insulation and safety features are standard components and may be combined – even with special requirements such as flood protection, radiation protection, high frequency shielding and much more. The door and gate manufacturer BUCHELE introduces with the BUCHELE DELUXE design line a very special range of doors that refines multifunctional steel doors with an individually designed surface.  The important point: The safety features such as sound insulation up to 60 dB, fire protection up to T90, bullet proof to FB7 or even burglary protection up to RC5 of the doors are still maintained.


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The steel doors by BUCHELE cannot only be painted in any RAL colours but also in custom colours and very special appearances are possible.  If any where necessary different materials can be used – e. g. stainless steel.

A newly introduced possibility is to apply particularly appealing coatings or design elements to the steel doors and yet still the tested requirements stay untouched.  BUCHELE can fall back on a wide repertoire of materials and structures – from original alpine timber to copper look, mosaic elements or similar effects.  This is how very special architectural highlights can be created and doors will vanish from the surface of the building or highlight them with special accents.

Doors by BUCHELE are tested in accordance to the latest requirements – among other according to DIN EN 1634, DIN EN 1627 and DIN EN 1522 as well as DIN EN ISO 10140-2.


  07 Antibacterial Line


Multifunctional glass doors: BUCHELE GLASS DELUXE combines multifunctional requirements with attractive appearance – and with vista if desired. Doors of the BUCHELE


DELUXE GLASS line are characterized by a high sound insulation value of up to 47 dB. The flush appearance can give the door a very stylish twist. The sturdy, shatter-resistant safety glazing

can be used as highly sound-insulating and transparent door for offices and meeting rooms, but also in test stand, studios and radio stations in industrial or research centers in clean rooms.  With a building depth of 70 mm the door can also be used as exterior door, it has an excellent thermal separation, lock, door closer, retractable floor seals and hinges are well hidden behind a black frieze so they seem invisible.